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Pelvic Physical Therapy - Who Knew?

Many women experience urinary leakage when they cough, sneeze, laugh, run, jump or lift. Others experience leakage with an urge on the way to the bathroom, or a combination of the two. Some women experience fecal or gas incontinence, constipation, and others have a prolapse (descent of a pelvic organ) and feel perineal pressure and discomfort. And others experience urgency and frequency and have to go to the bathroom too often or sometimes all night long too. These symptoms can affect your ability or desire to socialize, exercise, become intimate with a loved one, or engage in physical activities with your kids, friends, and colleagues. They can be embarrassing to even mention to your doctor and often are lived with in silence.

Have peace in knowing Katie has over 17+ years of experience and is a specially trained physical therapist in this region of the body: the pelvis, lower back, sacroiliac joints, and hips. Compassion is a strong suit and she will help you to understand why this issue is happening and how to permanently fix it without surgery. You are not alone!

If you have any of these issues, Katie can help you regain control of your life so you can enjoy the activities you love and miss!

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