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Pregnant Woman in Nature


Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Did you know that in France it is mandatory for all women to attend pelvic physical therapy after delivering a baby?


Pregnancy can lead to many changes in a woman's body. These musculoskeletal changes can often lead to dysfunction and pain. During pregnancy, you may experience hip or groin pain, low back pain, instability of the sacroiliac joints, sciatica, rib pain, vulvar varicosities, round ligament pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, coccyx pain and pubic symphysis pain.


None of these symptoms are normal and are worth treating early!

Back pain is not normal during pregnancy!

Childbirth is often compared to running a marathon. Imagine training for a marathon while your body is undergoing immense musculoskeletal changes…..I can provide expertise and direction through this process, help deliver pain relief, and prepare your mind and body for childbirth. Did you know that an assessment in the third trimester can help position and your baby into the birth canal, help to improve pelvic mobility for the necessary joint movements during active labor? I also provide individual training for optimal birthing postures and techniques to improve comfort during delivery.  Releasing tension of the soft tissue and connective tissues help open the birth passage. 

And all in the comfort of your home.

Postpartum care without needing daycare or exerting the efforts to travel with baby in tow?  I come to  you!  Let me do the heavy lifting and let’s get your body back…..back to physical health and strength where it truly matters.    

Looking for a unique baby shower gift idea?  Consider a pregnancy postpartum therapy package and give the gift of health, training, and a specialist to treat your loved one with compassionate care; 4 sessions / one package to be used throughout pregnancy, or postpartum (or in combination).  An individualized program and treatment, including manual therapy, exercise instruction, suited to fit her needs, and education to prevent the most common postpartum symptoms.  Contact below for more information and package deals!

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