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How to stop leaking when you laugh...101

All you need to know.....wrapped up in one place.

I absolutely LOVE treating women with stress urinary incontinence because they GET BETTER!!!! That's right! Maybe a minor problem that you've lived with for years? Not worth all the time and cost of therapy visits? But imagine running, exercising, coughing, and laughing with your girlfriends without even a thought about your bladder!! QuAliTy of LiFe!

Get it back!

Save yourself one or two therapy visits by watching this seminar and learning the basics of treating stress urinary incontinence. You'll be WELL on your way to success by following these tips.

And IF it doesn't completely get rid of the leaky faucet, the cost is on ME! Schedule an appointment and I'll waive the fee of the video. YOU are amazingly created. YOU are meant to heal. YOU are meant for success. Maybe you just need a little guidance?

I'm HeRe for YOU!

To order this seminar, please visit and select the Payment link. OR click here (

The seminar link will be sent you via email to watch at your convenience once payment is processed.

Cost: $25

For residents in the state of Maine, the $25 cost will be credited toward an evaluation if you choose to continue with Physical Therapy services. However, many women have had success by just implementing this valuable information! Check it out!

Email: or enter your information below for any questions!

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