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Have I Descaled my bladder this month?

It was Time. That dreadful little message popped up on the screen and then, I knew it was Time. Time to descale my Keurig. I could put it off. Wait another month. But, the last time I did that, the coffee maker stopped working and began dribbling. Then I was without my morning brew and had to the spend the money to replace it after spending so much time and energy to try and fix it.

Is your bladder giving you that same dreadful message? Is it always telling you to empty your bladder? Do you know where every public toilet is in the state of Maine? Is your bladder warning you before you leave the house "You better go or you might need to GO!"?

Maybe it's time to descale your bladder before it stops working, begins dribbling, or is going to cost lots of time and money in unnecessary pads or even Depends!

How do we do that? We can actually do a cleansing to the inside of our bladder to allow this normal lining to rebuild and regenerate. Yes, kind of like a starfish regenerating it's limb!!! Aren't our bodies incredible??

I watched the Keurig video online to learn how to Descale my Keurig and decided to make a tutorial on how to cleanse our bladder, regenerate the mucosal lining, and improve the function of our bladder. Please watch it BEFORE grabbing the gallon of vinegar!!

Imagine your life where you can urinate every 3-4 hours during the day and not get up at night to pee. Imagine turning on the water to start washing the dishes without stopping to run to the bathroom. Imagine going out for dinner pr going out for a run without being worried about "padding up". It starts here with this......

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