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Katie Caron, MSPT

Katie Caron, MSPT, is a pelvic health physical therapist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal and women’s pelvic health conditions.  She has advanced training and expertise in the areas associated with the pelvis (SI joints, coccyx, sacrum), including vulvar/vaginal regions and women’s bowel and bladder health. She is also experienced in the treatment of neck, spine and low back pain, tailbone, hip and groin pain, and abdominal pain.

She holds a master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine, and has worked extensively for several orthopedic outpatient private and hospital based physical therapy practices in both Maine and Alaska.

Katie has also trained through the American Physical Therapy Association and the Herman & Wallace Institute for Pelvic Rehabilitation in the treatment and management of colorectal, gynecological, obstetrical, and urological dysfunction and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor throughout the whole of one’s life. 

Katie opened Caron Physical Therapy, LLC, in 2020 with the goal of providing quality, home based, one-on-one care to advance women’s health with expertise, professionalism, and compassion in central Maine and always with a smile!  Her work as a pelvic health physical therapist brings her such joy, which shines through in how she treats others always with such compassion and empathy. 


Overall, Katie believes in helping others reach their full movement potential. She has a passion for helping women achieve their physical goals and values treating the full mind and body with an individualized and holistic approach.  She enjoys time with her husband and 2 children.  Being outdoors, camping, kayaking, hiking, biking, and downhill skiing are only some of the reasons Katie loves living in her home state of Maine.

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